This is the first national survey of its kind -- one that focuses on incidents of, response to, and attitudes about, abuse or crime victimization of children and adults with disabilities.

Some 7,289 people took the online survey during May through October 2012.  In addition to 1,249 people with disabilities, 2,501 of their family members, and 1,106 administrators of agencies that provide services to people with disabilities, the survey was also taken by 1,234 advocates.  Hundreds of protective services workers, therapists, and law enforcement personnel also responded to the survey.

The survey obtained information about actual incidents of abuse as well as the attitudes of respondents regarding the effectiveness, or not, of official responses to such victimization. 

We encourage those who care about these issues to use the survey, the key findings, and the focused reports to advocate for improvements in how we, as a society, respond to and assist abuse victims with disabilities.


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